Bentley Continental GT V8 Review, Features, Price, & Everything Else

Bentley Continental GT V8 Review, Features, Price, & Everything Else

Do you love to own a luxurious vehicular-companion specially crafted for you?

Then it seems that it does belong to you only—yeah! We’re talking about the New Continental GT V8 which equips with a wide range of personalization in paints, veneers, craftsmanship and much more.

Continental GT V8 gives you a feel of touching the sky through its roof-cap and also it pumps your adrenaline up via its V8 engine and All-wheel Drive technology.

Installed with 4.0 liter V8 Petrol Twin-turbocharged Engine—it’s capable of generating an impressive 542 hp and 568 lb-ft of torque.

Let’s open the door of the garage to peek into this car.

Interior & Exterior

Bentley Continental GT V8 filled with perfect art and aroma. GT’s exterior designed to ensure its superb sporty & beautifully carved style and aerodynamic performance. Whereas its interior is a portable juncture of the prismatic revue. One can set or control its vivid lightning show among seven different colors that are meant to welcome or entertain the governor.



Crafted to serve a thrilling driving experience and scrumptious comfort—geared with an 8-speed Dual-clutch Transmission System Continental accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.9 seconds and can approach to a glorious top-speed of 198 miles per hour.


As said, the New Continental GT V8 is the most high-tech car ever made by Bentley. With the smoothest acceleration and inbuilt 48V Active Roll Control System—it improvises the car’s driving movements in real-time by sensing the road’s condition. Also, the electric steering optimizes the overall riding experience.

Variable Displacement Technology manages fuel consumption by varying engine power as per the need.


  • 12.3” High-resolution Touchscreen
  • Apple CarPlay
  • 20″ Ten-spoke Alloy Wheel
  • Bright Chrome Radiator Matrix Grille
  • Full LED Matrix Headlamps with High Beam Assist
  • Audio System: 650 Watt—10-channel & 10 Speaker Audio System
  • Parking Heater with Remote Activation Function
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Bentley Rotating Display
  • Inductive Phone Charger
  • Welcome Lighting
  • Night Vision
  • Head-Up Display

Price & Review

Undoubtedly, the Continental GT V8 is a phenomenal car. Technology, comfort, style, luxury, speed, features, and safety it has them all worthily. Its prices start from $198,500 for the coupe variant and $218,350 for the convertible. It is a world-class vehicle and so available for sale everywhere, contact your local dealers to get the quote.

There’s so much more to do with Bentley Continental GT V8 than just drive!!

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